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Technology Simulation Video

  In my spare time I have been designing solutions for an R&D ‘real-time location tracking and monitoring’ technology start-up company named …


Fluorescent Efflorescence

This is an idea I had for a child’s night light that would sit on a dresser, or could plug into a …


Tracking Module Design

Another chapter in my on-going quest to design all things possible is being written at the R&D technology company, WiserSystems. They are …


Aesthetics of Tangibility

What material am I made out of? This was a project to use a “found material” (from my immediate surroundings), to create …


Aesthetics of Mobility

  This was a project to create a biologically inspired mechanically powered movement. My initial attraction was focused around a jumping motion—something …


R.A.D. Rover

                   Copyright © Scott Fisher


Interactive Radio

  The idea of this project was to create a working radio, that creates a new paradigm of interaction. Unfortunately, this is …


Modeling a Hitachi Drill

  In this project, I led a team to completely reverse engineer the drill as illustrated below. I personally modeled the outer …