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Hey there, I am a product developer! My background has brought me through a series of different twists and turns to lead me here. It all started with a burning desire to learn how to build things as I entered college. This dream to earn a living as a maker provided me with a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering and a minor in Graphic Communications from North Carolina State University. In addition to engineering skills, I also learned some invaluable public speaking skills through working as the NCSU High Powered Rocketry Club outreach officer. In all I helped present to around 1000 different individuals, from pre-school to mid-career professionals at NASA.

After working in an internship with Firstmark Aerospace, I further narrowed my future calling when I helped to design a new product line. This challenge made me realize I was missing a critical portion of the making process, design! After all, it is the combination of design and engineering that set apart successful products from those that never leave the shelf. With this in mind, I recently graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a Masters in Product Development.

What is a M.S. of Product Development? This degree is a trifecta of design, engineering, and business. It is the link between all three disciplines that creates innovation within any product or service oriented company. Product research illustrates a future profitable product niche, product design creates a customer driven vision for that product, and product engineering builds lean dependable Products. This process provides a customer valued product.