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In my spare time I have been designing solutions for an R&D ‘real-time location tracking and monitoring’ technology start-up company named WiserSystems. This particular project was to create a video the company executives could use to explain their particular technology in a clear and concise manner to investors and potential clients.

In order to design and produce an effective video solution for this project, I worked closely with the company executives to fully understand their new innovative technology. At times I even provided insight on how to improve their technology to help it target and further streamline corporate warehouse environments/work processes.

Because final cost was a concern, I needed to keep things as simple as possible. I decided to use SolidWorks and PowerPoint as my base software tools to create the animations and user interface illustrations. I modeled up a warehouse fairly quickly then populated it with industrial shelving, warehouse employees, fork lift trucks, and order picker trucks. I then created an overall storyboard, reviewed it with my client, then created vignette storyboards for each major scene. After a couple revisions I rendered the final animations for each separate scene and uploaded them into my video editing software. At that point I edited down each scene to meet the timing restrictions. Finally, after the timing was satisfactory I met again with my client to discuss adding a voice-over script. After several iterations on my initially proposed script, I recorded the voice-over and sent out the final version back to the customer. This version is also presented below.

Since the initial video delivery WiserSystems has used this video on several occasions to help procure company funding, as well as promote the technology to several clientele.




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